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At the heart of Autoquip’s success is our dedicated team of engineers, sales, purchasing, quality assurance, and manufacturing experts. With many having Autoquip careers that span decades, it’s our mission to continue fostering close relationships with an open-door policy of trust and respect.

I have only been with Autoquip for a few years, but I enjoy the every day challenges to solve for something new. As a logistic coordinator, it is my job to ensure our equipment ships on time and in safe conditions to our customers. That can be challenging with all the special lifts we do in finding creative ways to package them. At the end of the day, I find it rewarding knowing that our equipment has arrived to the customer on time and in good condition.

Jake Birdwell

Logistics Coordinator

I find that being part of a team that is responsible for optimizing the flow of materials and parts to ensure our production schedule aligns with our customer's demands both challenging and exciting in new ways. It pushes me to create opportunities to grow and succeed every day. Autoquip supports employee growth and truly cares about its people by giving us continuous opportunities to expand our experiences and knowledge - so we can be the best in our field.

Jose Zamora


I started with Autoquip August of 1979 as a welder thinking it would be a temporary job, you know get some experience and then move on. As a young adult whoever thinks they will stay at a job for 39 plus years? I soon found out the complexity and challenges of the job peaked my interest. I learn something new every day. I find the advancement of our product innovation, and the creative challenges of meeting our customer demands very rewarding. I have advanced in my career to manufacturing supervisor and love to pass my product knowledge off to the next generation of employees, all while working for a company that cares for its people. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Billy Hawkins

Manufacturing Supervisor

Autoquip has taught me how to apply my engineering degree in a practical way by using our valued expertise to solve our customers unique production challenges. We are trained to apply forward thinking skills to seek out creative solutions for our customers applications in a variety of industries. The development of these skills makes us valuable in designing custom lift solutions for industries ranging from aerospace to automobile manufacturing. It is this wide variety of understanding of so many industries that provides true value to our customers.

Luke Killam

Mechanical Engineer

I have seen a lot of positive change over the years and now we are going after big markets and have become a trusted specialties company. To play in the big league, you really have to demonstrate your capabilities to build that trust. I am proud to do my part in building that trust through my day-to-day operations with our customers. I have worked for Autoquip for 42 years. It is a company that cares about its people and I believe that is a big reason for the success it has sustained over the years.

Donnie Crabtree

Technical Sales

Superior Customer Service & Craftsmanship

Through superior craftsmanship and customer service, Autoquip Corporation has remained an established leader in custom material handling equipment since its founding in 1947.

Our mission to design and build the highest quality in standard and custom lifts has allowed us to work closely with major industries worldwide. We attribute 70 years of success to our dedication to produce an extensive product library while continuously improving each engineering approach with the latest advancements in technology. Autoquip offers our customers innovative solutions through our complete line of lifting products, controls capabilities, and integrative processes.

Come Build With Us

If you are looking for long-term employment with a company that is growing, stable, and highly respected in the material handling industry, we want to hear from you.

Equal Opportunities Employment

It is the policy of Autoquip, to afford Equal Employment Opportunities regardless of race, religion, color, national origin or sex. Further, all applicable laws relating to age, marital status, and disability discrimination will be strictly adhered to.

This policy of Equal Employment applies to all aspects of the employment relationship.