Autoquip Honors Two Long-Tenured Employee Retirements

Author: Julie Rice

Today is a cause for celebration for two Autoquip Employees Yuggee Mack and Pete Ognibene.  A lot of people choose to retire after 35 to 40 years with a company. Not Yuggee and Pete who were both recognized for having worked with the company 47 and 38 years, respectively.

Yuggee Mack’s retirement is truly the end of an era for Autoquip. Yuggee worked as an A level machinist for 47 and half years; working on anything and everything that needed to be milled, drilled or turned. He operated both manual and CNC equipment over the years. He also served as a Lead Person for many years helping fellow employees lay out jobs, get parts and advise them on questions. Yuggee was a long time member of the Joint Safety Committee and well known for doing whatever Autoquip needed to get the job done…especially taking on a “hot” job when we needed something with urgency. You always knew it was Yuggee when you heard his familiar whistling all throughout the plant; he will be missed and we thank him for all he did in his career.

Pete Ognibene served for 38 years as a welder on the Large Lifts Dock Product and TSL lines, particularly our PLT dock lifts which he knew inside and out. At times he was the only one working in the PLT area, building the legs, bases, platforms and final assemblies all by himself and keeping the product flowing! Pete always had a welcome smile and enjoyed the camaraderie with his fellow employees and management alike. You could often hear the guys jokingly call out “Peeetee” when they heard a hammer slam on metal as he was known for his “unique” style of welding. Pete’s dedication to Autoquip was sincerely heartfelt and we appreciate all his contributions.

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