Author: Chris Kuehni

What was good enough to be great 10–20 years ago, may/will not be good enough now. To survive and thrive in the future, organizations have to build Great Places to Work for all. To be a great place, a business needs to include effective leadership, strong values, trustworthy teams & individuals, innovation, financial growth, and have the ability to maximize everyone’s potential.

How does commitment apply to a Great Place?  Well, it’s a state or a passion of being dedicated to a cause, direction, activity, and or an organization! A long-term engagement or involvement to the priorities and the directions chosen. If a commitment is not made, its highly likely that there are only promises and hopes (just talk); and most often without plans.

Commitment is not about tenure or how many hours you work in a week. It’s about the determination to develop or push distinctive strategies (a plan) to achieve a competitive edge. This is amplified by cross functional teams that create sustainable actions and results for our business. Each team must push out clear objectives, practical and measurable goals to focus our organization on efforts that add significant results. We must also be prepared for potential risks, road blocks, and be organized as a team to manage them; all nurturing and developing our competitive advantage.

Autoquip’s critical business goals and success factors were defined two years ago as the “Key Initiatives”:
1. Total Quality Management (TQM): improving our level of quality and service from quote to and thru our warranty period. Driving “As Sold As Designed As Built and Installed”.
2. Negative and Low GP orders: identify, categorize, and reverse the trend of these negative or low gross profit noncontributing orders.
3. Retaining our customer base: our key customers for many years will require on-time deliveries of quality products with a strong service relationship.
4. Company Culture: our culture is our way of life at the QUIP / OSCO defining our values, behaviors and the why we are here. Pushing us to develop how we interact and support each other via internal customer supplier relationships. Building trust, integrity, respect, communication, and excellence.

Through sheer determination and commitment, plans can be built and achieved by an organization that has the desire, motivation, and the trust in each other. Our competitive advantage is “easy to do business with, and the easiest to install/service. Our core value commitment is defined as “we are dedicated to doing great work, and we take pride in our accomplishments”.  We all should be proud of our achievements so far, and the direction we are headed to build a even greater place to work.


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