Author: Louis Coleman

When you think of creativity, do you typically think of the arts? Writing songs, painting pictures, designing buildings? We’d all agree these pursuits all require a level of creativity for success. But to copy or replicate a painting, a song, or building design while requiring skill isn’t particularly creative.

For all of us at Autoquip and OSCO I’d suggest creativity can and should find its way into how each of us do our work. Doing business in the same way we’ve always done it, while requiring skill doesn’t bring creativity to our products and processes. So why is creativity important in our daily work? It prepares the company to change, be more competitive, and to meet and exceed future challenges.

For Autoquip and OSCO to be successful in a greatly changing marketplace, we all must look at our jobs and bring a fresh and creative vision. This isn’t new. For those of us who have been around awhile look at all the new ways we do things, the new products we sell, the new customers we work with. We would not be where we are without having brought creativity across the company; to the Autoquip table. Creativity simply makes the company and each of us better. And it is way more fun.

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