How To Demonstrate Integrity In The Workplace?

Author: Daniel Burton

As we began to wrap around and go back through our core values there is an opportunity to build on what has been previously discussed. Back in November of 2022 we discussed the definition of integrity along with ways that we can demonstrate integrity in the work place.

As a recap:
– Integrity: Treat others how you would like them to treat you. Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.
– How to demonstrate integrity in the workplace?

  • Show Respect
  • Take Accountability/Responsibility
  • Put in the hours
  • Deal with conflict properly
  • Be willing to do hard work
  • Be a team player

I’d like to build on this foundation and explore the benefits of an integrity rich workplace.

– A Positive Organizational Culture

  • As we continue to adapt and grow, ingraining ethical behavior from one end of the business to the other is vital. The corner office to the back door, we all play a part in choosing to do the right thing. Trust, honesty, and decency in place of mistrust, negativity, and division.

– Easier Employee Attraction and Retention

  • People want to be a part of organizations with a good working environment, positive reputation and a strong sense of corporate purpose. I believe these are all areas we are addressing and building on with the culture initiative, flex hours, customer retention, and revitalized business plan among other things.

– Better Customer Relationships

  • If we cannot deliver on our promises and communicate effectively, customers will take their business elsewhere. When we follow through and deliver, an enduring relationship is formed, building from transactional business to a fruitful partnership that keeps Autoquip/OSCO top of customer mind as a solution provider.

– Improved Business Performance

  • Ethical performance produces positive business performance. On the flip side, prioritizing profit over integrity harms business relationships and can do irreparable damage to your reputation.

In short, we all play a part in our corporate integrity with the benefits being vital to our continued long term success.

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