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44 Year Autoquip Veteran Retires – Gary Legrande

Gary Legrande proudly served Autoquip for the last 44 years as a top level welder working on the TSL and Platform lines. Gary built every product line in our catalog over the years but preferred the “big and bad” equipment, a...

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How To Demonstrate Integrity In The Workplace?

As we began to wrap around and go back through our core values there is an opportunity to build on what has been previously discussed. Back in November of 2022 we discussed the definition of integrity along with ways that we ...

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March Employee of the Month – Joe Hazen

We are happy to announce that this month’s employee of the month is Joe Hazen. We could not be more excited to recognize Joe for his hard work and commitment to Autoquip. Joe’s continuous out-of-the box thinking pushes us for...

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Grant Phillips Promoted to Senior Buyer

Autoquip is pleased to announce the of promotion of Grant Phillips to Senior Buyer. Grant joined Autoquip in 2021 during the peak of one of our busiest times of high demand.  He has shown great dedication and support, owning ...

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Autoquip Welcomes New Member to our Engineering Team – Justin Watley

Autoqup is pleased to announce that Justin Watley has joined the company as Manufacturing/Design Engineer. Justin is originally from Elgin, OK. He completed his degree at Cameron University where he also played college baseba...

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February Employee of the Month – Louis Coleman

This months Employee of the Month goes the formidable Louis Coleman! Louis who is set to retire at the end of Sept. 2023 continues to demonstrate commitment to our company and our customers. Growth, creativity, and innovation...

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The Rebellion of Communication

Growing up I can remember the saying that “Children should be seen and not heard”. The origin of this dates to the 15th century and literally means that children should not speak unless spoken to or asked a question while in ...

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Own It

This month’s blog post is about our core value “Own It”. When you hear the words own it or ownership, what do you think of? The first thing that comes to mind for me is responsibility, whether that is being responsible for a ...

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Autoquip Honors Two Long-Tenured Employee Retirements

Today is a cause for celebration for two Autoquip Employees Yuggee Mack and Pete Ognibene.  A lot of people choose to retire after 35 to 40 years with a company. Not Yuggee and Pete who were both recognized for having worked ...

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January Employee Of The Month – Jeff Raper

We are happy to announce that this month’s employee of the month is Jeff Raper. We could not be more excited to recognize Jeff for his hard work and commitment to Autoquip. Jeff is a lifeline for a lot of us at Autoquip, alwa...

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